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Publications and Resources for Human Resources Professionals
by Priscilla Claman


Ask... How to Get What You Want and Need at Work
Step by step, practical advice that shows people how to overcome their concerns and ask for what they need at work. A great tool for coaches to give to their clients.

Competency Modeling: the Career Strategies Approach
A how-to booklet that will show you how to devise your own competency models and evaluate others. It demystifies the whole process of creating and using competency models. Easy to understand instructions and lots of examples.

The Challenge of Change with Doug Adams
A toolkit for managers faced with major organizational transitions and a concerned staff. Especially useful in situations when there is no time for workshops or one-on-one coaching. Many practical examples of what other managers have done that works.

The Benefits of Being Laid Off with Scott Carson
A booklet with both practical help for those who have been laid off and some words of emotional support. Lists and descriptions define all likely lay-off benefits. A great supplement to pass out when someone is severed.

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Free Resources

Try Out This Great Tool for Assessing Your HR Department!
Priscilla Claman's HR Assessment Tool featured in NEHRA's Spring 2004 issue of Insights! A quick, visual way to see how your HR department stacks up. Also useful for assessing your own HR skills and understanding.

"The Problem that Changed My Thinking about Metrics and What Happened Afterwards"
A PowerPoint presentation by Priscilla Claman for the NEHRA Conference on HR Metrics on February 2, 2006. How to align HR metrics with business strategy and real case studies and experiences implementing HR metrics.

"Human Resources Careers in This Recession: What's Really Going On and What Will the Future Bring?"
A PowerPoint presentation by Priscilla Claman for Bentley College on September 26, 2002. Outsourcing and the future of HR careers.

"Getting In and Moving Up in Human Resources"
A PowerPoint presentation by Priscilla Claman for NEHRA on February 12, 2002. How to get into a career in HR and what you need to do to advance.

Career Notes
Back issues of the newsletter of Career Strategies. Up-to-date topics, success stories and recommended readings.