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A History of Career Strategies

Career Strategies, Inc. was founded in 1989 by two friends, Priscilla Claman and Robert Gatti, both of whom were Human Resources professionals with extensive experience in the field. Originally the purpose of the firm was to provide career coaching and career workshops to organizations and to the general public. Priscilla was the expert in careers and Bob was the expert in starting and managing businesses in the Human Resources field.

Very quickly the offerings expanded to include a variety of competency programs and competency-based Human Resources programs. As the firm has become more and more successful, Bob has become less active in Career Strategies, but continues to help new Human Resources firms succeed. He is an entrepreneur who has truely given back to his profession.

Karen Liuzzo joined the firm in June of 1996. Her skill as a coach, her facility for communication, and her strong sense of creativity and innovation have made an unparalleled contribution to the success of the firm. Our thanks, also to the seasoned Human Resources professionals who have worked with us along the way, especially: Eileen Adler, Joe Bongiardina, Pete Maguire, Dave Mahoney, Judy Johnson, Maria Congelton, and Janice Heller. They have all helped to make Career Strategies what it is today -- a leading firm of seasoned senior Human Resource professionals who work both for individuals and organizations.