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Competency Modeling, the Career Strategies Approach

Done right, competency models are the best way for Human Resources professionals to become valued business partners. But there is so much confusion and complexity coming from the major consulting firms and conferences, it's hard to know what to competency models are and how they work.

This brief booklet, written in clear, non-technical language will show you how to create a competency model on your own or evaluate one that is being done for you. Contents include:

Competency models connect what people do in an organization to the business strategy of the organization in a way that no other traditional human resources practice can do. Competency models are great tools. And they are easy and fun to make. Don't believe the people who tell you that competency modeling takes forever to do, costs a lot of money and then just sits on the shelf. From Competency Modeling, The Career Strategies Approach.

An Excerpt from Competency Modeling

What is Competency Modeling?

Competency modeling was invented by social scientist during the Second World War but it really came into its own during the 1970's. It seeks to define clearly the intangibles that make for success on the job, by using social science research techniques to identify the behaviors of superior performers. Unlike job descriptions that make clear the threshold between acceptable performance and unacceptable performance, competency models describe the boundary between good performance and superior performance. Just think about that for a minute. Suppose all of your employees did what your superior performers do. What a huge productivity difference that would make! What a different work environment it would be! A competency model is not a guess about what superior performance is. It is not a list of good qualities or characteristics derived from another source. It is based on actual research in your environment, using the work of your own superior performers.

The key elements in all competency models are that they:

Competency models may describe superior performance in a single job, in a family of jobs, in a whole business unit or company, or in an occupation across organizational boundaries, but they all have those three key elements.

Why is Competency Modeling Such a Hot Topic Right Now?

Companies are facing a huge demand for more productivity from the same number of people. Putting superior performers on the job rather than average performers makes a big difference in productivity.

A second reason is that the companies today are undergoing major changes in culture, technology and strategy. Using a competency model to identify and reward the successful new behaviors the organization needs can dramatically ease the change process and has the power to tie employee performance directly to business strategy.

What Do People Do with Competency Models Once They Have Them?

Competency models can be used to identify and hire the best people for the job. They can be used in assessment or self-assessment instruments. They can be used to identify training or development needs, to manage performance, and to reward superior performers. Competency models are fast becoming the foundation of the new employer/employee relationship.

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