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The Benefits of Being Laid Off

What do you give to people when you announce a layoff or in their exit interviews? Just the financial facts? Don't you need something to give them right away to help them in the first few days and weeks?

Even if you use an outplacement firm, this booklet can make a real difference both to the people who are losing their jobs and to the Human Resources professionals who have the responsibility for telling them.

The Benefits of Being Laid Off is designed to cushion the blow. It explains the benefits a person may be entitled to, the reference and referrals they need to collect, and helps them understand what they are going through.

At a time when Human Resources is under the most stress, this little booklet can buy you some time.

"Wait! This is not the darkest moment; it is the turning point. This is the time when all of your energies and attentions are focused on the problem at hand - finding a new job. Not just any job, but the one that is right for you at this time in your career. Consider this moment as an opportunity to evaluate who you are, where you have been, and, most important, where you want to go from here." -- from The Benefits of Being Laid Off

An Excerpt from "The Benefits of Being Laid Off"



This handbook is for people who have been laid off. If you have been laid off, you know what kind of a shock it is. And you know how hard is is to make sense of what you have been told while you are still in a state of shock. This handbook will help you through those first crucial days and weeks.

This book is divided into three sections. The first - Benefits You May be Entitled To - lists possible layoff benefits you may be entitled to and what the choices are that you be asked to make. With this list you'll know what may be coming to you.

The second section - The "Must Do" List - tells you the most important things you should do - even before you leave your employer. If you can. If you do them, your job search will go much more smoothly.

The third section - Gettng It All Together - will give you an idea of what other people have experienced and tips on how to get off and running on your job search in the best way possible.

Benefits You May Be Entitled To

The "Must Do" List

Getting It All Together

Good luck!

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