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ASK - Interactives

Success Stories

1. Patrick Got That Promotion

A friend of mine gave me a copy of ASK. At first, I thought it was a fun read but not too relevant to me. But then, I realized that my responsibilities had expanded a lot over the last year and a half, but I still had the same title and pay. So I did a little research and found out that every other person with a job like mine in the whole company was a vice president, while I was only a director. So I picked up the book again and planned my presentation. I explained how important it was not only to me and the rest of the division, but even to my boss as well. He was convinced. I got the promotion and a raise to go with it!

2. Linda Saved $2,000

They laid me off six weeks before the end of the semester. According to policy, I would no longer be entitled to tuition reimbursement since I wasn't still working for the company. Normally I would have suffered in silence, but this time when I found out, I went to my manager and asked, "Is there a way for you to help me here? I took the course, and you signed off on it. Now, I have lost my job and the $2,000 I put down for tuition. I know the company is in financial trouble, but isn't there something I could do for you for the next six weeks that would keep me eligible for tuition reimbursement?" My manager agreed, and I got my tuition reimbursement.

3. Dana Persuaded Her Manager

I made a presentation to my manager to hire additional staff when we were experiencing a hiring freeze. I based my proposal on the WIFFM diagram. I showed him that it not only would be beneficial to me to hire additional staff, but essential if we were to meet the department and company goals. My proposal was accepted.


Have you read Priscilla's book and asked successfully at work? Or, have you simply just asked and had great success? Tell us about it! We'll add your story to our "Success Stories" so that others can see how asking has worked for you. Your name and other information will be kept strictly confidential, unless you want it posted. Thanks for sharing!