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ASK - Interactives

Are You Ready?

How many of the statements below are true for you?

1. I believe it is important for me to take initiative if I want to be happy and successful at work.

2. I am prepared to move to the edge of my comfort zone in order to be happy and productive at work.

3. I know what I want to ask for.

4. I know whom I will ask.

5. I am able to explain how what I am asking for will meet my needs, their needs, and the organization's needs.

6. I have prepared a written agenda or a PowerPoint slide of what I want to discuss.

7. I have looked for and identified the right opportunity for me to ask.

8. I am asking for myself only, not for anyone else.

9. I have thought through how I will respond if the answer is "yes, but," or "no", or if I don't get an answer.

10. I am prepared to take immediate action if the answer is yes.

If you agree with eight or more of these statements, you are ready to ask. If you agreed with less than eight, you need to read ASK...