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Priscilla Claman's book:

ASK... How to Get What You Want and Need at Work

What's the one skill everyone must have to be successful and happy at work? It's the ability to ASK for what you want and need. ASK! How to Get What You Want and Need at Work will show you how.

If you are a Human Resources professional, order ASK ... give to employees who come to you for advice on how to manage their relationship with their boss. For larger groups, consider our ASK-related workshops.

If you are an individual, order ASK... to learn how to get that promotion you deserve or how to network your way to a new career.

Praise for ASK... :

Monica Higgins of Harvard University says, "This book will change the way you think about your career."

Kathleen McGirr, former senior VP at Fidelity Investments says, "An easy read and full of useful information. I wish someone had given me this coaching earlier in my career!"

Douglas Smith, author of Make Success Measurable says, "ASK... is a wonderful primer for your most important conversation at work. Succinct, to the point and well illustrated, this little book can make a big difference."

Contents include:

An excerpt from ASK...

Know What to Ask For

People have a tendency to have tapped-on-the-shoulder careers. Their bosses or colleagues tap them on the shoulder and say, "How about this?" and a few years later, "How about this?" These people never make a choice for themselves -- they just accept what someone else is offering.

If you always wait for something to be suggested before you make a choice, you never go through the discipline of deciding what you want for yourself. Of course, people frequently don't know what they want. It's a lot easier to say yes to what is presented to you rather than go through the work of figuring out what you want for yourself.

If you are having trouble figuring out what you want, pay attention to your own motivation when you are at work. What projects are you working on when you are raring to get to work? What are you doing when you are feeling bored and angry? Asking for more of the former and less of the later only makes sense.

Another way to identify what to ask for is to look at obstacles you keep running into.

An obstacle might be a degree or a credential you lack. It might be a skill you lack, like running meetings, understanding cost accounting, or making presentations. All of those obstacles represent something to ask for. What you want will change over time.

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