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Sponsored Career Coaching for Key Individuals

Now that you have identified your future "talent," how do you keep them on the path? Your whole talent management process falls apart if your talent never creates or accomplishes an effective development plan. Yet few managers are comfortable capitalizing on the investment they have made in the talent process. And few HR business partners have the time.

Research shows that major personal changes require sustained support. Let us provide that support -- at our site or yours.

We offer both three-month and six-month programs, depending up the needs of your talent. Both programs include:

We also offer special-issue coaching of only a few sessions for key individuals who have to make an important decision, are choosing between options, who need to refine their presentation of themselves or who have other similar issues.

Quotes from our clients:

"I so appreciated your listening and the advice and input you provided to me. It was enormously helpful and really focused my thinking about career opportunities." Media Executive

"I wanted to once again express my thanks for your expertise and assistance as I embark upon the journey of the unknown. I was encouraged by our time together and look forward to our meeting this week and the findings from the work. My best to you until again we meet." Senior Marketing Professional

"Thanks so much for your excellent advice." Financial Executive