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On-Site Career Coaching

Is retention an issue? Are people leaving for a "lack of opportunity" when you have plenty of jobs available? On-site coaching helps people identify those internal opportunities.

Are major organizational changes causing career confusion, lack of hope, loss of direction? On-site coaching refocuses your talented employees so that they don't get caught up in negativity.

Do your managers and HR professionals have the time to talk to people about their careers? On-site coaching gives people the time they need. Your people will value the objective advice of an experienced coach.

On-site career coaching establishes your company as a place that cares, that encourages opportunity and success. We have found that our career coaching clients talk about the value of their coaching experiences both with their colleagues within the company and with their friends outside of the company.

What is your internal reputation as an employer? Uncaring? Demanding? Great place to work? You internal reputation makes all the difference in your ability to recruit new people.

We survey our on-site coaching clients periodically for customer satisfaction and results. This is a Key Findings survey with the name of the corporate client left out.

Quotes from participants:

The service you provided is invaluable to me. I was not sure which direction to go in, but after speaking with you, I was ready to make a career change. You took the fear out of change. Thank you.

Karen helped me focus on what I liked about my job which made it much easier to create a resume and decide what types of jobs I would be interested in applying for.

I am now working in an area of the company that I had wanted to get into for a number of years. Prior to this offer I was preparing to look outside the company.