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Career Connections - a Program that Creates a Working Networking Group

Career Connections breaks down the organizational barriers that grow between business units in a large company. It:

The program consists of a half-day workshop followed by a series of structured meetings. Here are the Survey Results of program participants.

Participant Comments:

I know it is a big company, but it feels bigger than it is. This program make the company feel more close knit. It makes me feel far more a part of the bigger picture and not out of control.

We all have the same basic philosophy no matter where we are working. People are very similar, and very busy. They had the same problems I had. We shared a lot of communality.

I rolled out a new application and used members of the group for feedback and testing. It really helped.

I learned about different products and operations outside of my own area.

We created lists of key contacts which we are using to help customers who call us and want information about another product. We don't have to say, "I can't help you." I also have a go to person if I have a question or a problem.